What is my Hermès scarf worth, you wonder…

You may have a scarf that has been forgotten in a drawer for years and while doing your spring cleaning you discovered this forgotten treasure.  So what is my Hermès scarf worth, you wonder?

Well, the simple answer is, whatever a buyer is willing and able to pay for your scarf. Oh, you want a real value, I see…

So here is my guide, purely based on my personal experience over the years.  Be warned, there is absolutely no scientific research behind this, nor any statistics and definitely no algorithm :-).

The more vintage in other words the older your scarf is, typically the higher the value.  In addition to its age, however, your scarf also has to be in very good condition.  An unworn scarf with the care tag still attached in its original box or tote will of course fetch much more than one with color runs, a hole and several pulled threads – common sense.  In addition to that, here are nuances, such as colorway, year of edition, and some scarves are more sought after in different parts of the world than others.  And then there are certain scarves that are simply more “coveted” than their sisters and cousins.  Many times these are the scarves that have only been issued once, such as Combats de Coqs for example by Hugo Grygkar – 1954.  But then again, one sold recently at an auction house in Sweden for 177 Euros (approx. $236) and one in Paris over a year ago for 100 Euros.  Both, given their age, were in very good to excellent condition.  This particular scarf has in the past sold for over $500.

In addition to age, a scarf’s artist/designer might be very sought after as is the case with Kermit Oliver (1984, his first scarf, Pani la Shar Pawnee, depicting a Pawnee Indian chief), the only American artist ever to have designed scarves for the famed Fashion House.  Although his scarves, rich in detail celebrating the American West, are not necessarily considered rare, they are very sought after and regularly sell fast and for top dollar.  Another highly sought after artist is Xavier de Poret.  Unlike his American counter part, his scarves are considered very rare. Famous for his pencil drawings, 5 of his carres (Les Levriers Greyhunds and Mesanges to name just two), out of a group of nearly 30, are widely considered as the “rarest” of Hermes scarves.

Of course I cannot, not mention the Jacquards, my favorites among the carres, which Hermes stopped producing in 2001 due to high production costs. A jacquard scarf will typically either sell faster or for more than his twill cousin or possibly both. And yes, even among the Jacquards there is a pecking order.  A Comedie Italienne by Philippe Ledoux from 1962 with its rich detail and beautiful lute and guitar pattern will sell for more than a Les Fetes du Roi Soleil by Michel Duchene from 1994. Other top sellers in this category are Napoleon and La Cle de Champs of course.  Oh and lets not forget Joies d’Hiver and Plumes et Grelots.

We must also keep in mind, that there are several recent carres that are highly sought after as well, the 2004 Tohu Bohu by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr for example.

So what does any of this really mean? The age and popularity of a scarf coupled with its condition, will be the primary determining factors in the value of your scarf.  But as an avid collector myself, I have been known to “overpay” for a Le Bois de Boulogne, simply, because I love this scarf.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments – we welcome your input

Napoleon by Philippe Ledoux (1963, 1985, 1995)

Joies D'Hiver,  Joachim Metz, 1992

La Cle des Champs, Francoise Faconnet, 1965

Comedie Italienne, Philippe Ledoux, 1962


  1. Belinda

    Hi, I have an Hermer scarf given by my mother in law. The scarf was originally from her mother and purchased it in France. There is a J. Abadie signature on the scarf, a Cliquetis Scarf in tiffany blue. My mother in law asked me to sell this vintage scarf. The fabric I believe is a Jacquard Silk.

  2. Emiliano

    Hi I have a beautiful hermes scarf gold with a bright green in the center is what looks like a gold tiger or leopard I would love to know more about it if you could please help

  3. Dawn

    Hi. I have found three Hermes scarves, brand new, never worn from approx 25 years ago. Mayan, in fishing pink, cheval Turk in burgundy and au coeur des bois in pale pink. I also have some YSL too from before this time. All from Brussels in the 70’s. I’m looking to sell and want to find where I can get them and other vintage clothes etc appraised? Can you help?

  4. Karen reichman

    Hi i have a beautiful Hermes scarf I bought on Rodeo drive September 1997 it has the image of a violin on it in perfect condition never worn in the hard box ! Do you have any idea what it is worth or how I could find out ?
    Many thanks

    1. Carre de Paris

      Dear Karen,
      My apologies. I believed to have answered you. I suppose in my mind only :-).
      There are two scarves that come to mind, the Hommage a Mozart (https://carredeparis.com/collections/home/products/authentic-vintage-hermes-silk-scarf-hommage-a-mozart-julia-abadie-w-box) and Musique Des Spheres by Zoe Pauwels. I am assuming you are referring to the latter.
      Here is a link to that design, which I have sold in the past, which will hopefully give you an overview.

      Please let me know if I can be of further help.
      Kind regards,

  5. Irma Miller

    I’ve recently come across a Hermes scarf that I’ve kept in my storage and was wondering if you could tell me what it is worth. It is the Hermes La promenade de longchamps blue and gold scarf in its original package, never even been unfolded. I’ve kept it for about 30 years. I can also send you a picture if that helps. Thank you!

  6. Maryanne

    I have a Hermès scarf from ledoux. It is marked: l’hiver. What is it worth? The scarf has not been used die the past 50 years.

  7. Vanessa Nicholas


    I’m having difficulty on finding the value of my two Hermes scarfs. Both were gifts and would be happy to send photos to help. Both have been warn.

    One is a light pink and blue grand apparat. The second is a blue multi fish pocket scarf,

    I greatly appreciate your help

  8. Kat

    I’d like to find out what my Hermès scarf is worth. It’s a red Brise de Charme. Does $400 sound about right?
    Thank you

  9. Julia Hornbeck

    I have a Hermes silk scarf in box, never worn. It is the Crowns Couronnes traditional in red and blue. The artist is Julia Abadie. It was issued 1969 and it’s been in my family since that time the scarf is in pristine condition.
    Could you please email me with a site or link that could help me place a value? ThNks

  10. Sean Connolly

    I recently acquired a Hermes scarf designed by caty it is an Egyptian design on a blue background I was wondering if it is rare or valuable

      1. Sean Connolly

        Thanks for replying I think my scarf has a lighter shade of blue background than the one I seen illustrated on the website hope you can enlighten me further I am knew to this searching for information on the internet thanks again for taking time to help

  11. Narnanz

    Hello…I recently found a Julia Adabie Cliquetis in orange at my local Salvation Army thrift store for NZ$4…it has the rolled hem , the correct care lable with the letter A at each end…the hermes copyright and the artists signature in the correct place but it does not have a copyright circle over her name…Im not interested in a price..but would love to know if I have a re -issue and where I can learn more about re-issues..any information would be wondeful even as a link…..Thank you for your time

  12. mariette nel

    Gooday, thank y for the intredaction off hermes silk scharrf, i have a hermes silkscharf, its in a blick glass frame, to sell, please help me ti advertise and get the prize. My nr, 0764368288, or 0789181971 mrs. Nel. BRides legeres par hermes sellier a paris, its horses, so beautifull.

  13. Susan York

    Will a real Hermes scarf ever, ever have Hermes-Paris on it anywhere if it is Jacquard and also has the circle with the inner C followed by the word Hermes with the accent on the second e and the authentic fabric tag?

  14. Frances

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. It’s so informative and fascinating. Would you have a recommendation on where to sell scarves? I have one Hermes scarf from the 80’s and also a few YSL and Norell scarves that are from the 60’s. Thank you so much for your time and kind assistance.

  15. Emely

    Hi, last year i got gifted two hermes scarves but i don’t usually wear fancy scarves like that so i never wore them. now i don’t know their actual value but i can take pictures so you can examen how much they’re actually worth. original box and everything.

    email me directly if you could please and thank you!

  16. Denise Lowry

    I have what I believe is an original hermes scarf, that I wish to sell its in the orginal box unused. An aunt of mine had it in her bottom drawer shes unsure as to how long.
    How do I go about checking it out.
    Thanks you

  17. Maggie E. Greene

    Hi there,
    I have multiple vintage Hermes scarves that I am pricing and selling. First one is Fabulous Hermes Pani La Shar Pawnee with red boarder.
    Might you be interested? I have so many items from my Mother’s estate that I simply can not keep it all nor do I have time list things.
    Kindly, Maggie

  18. Kathryn Tracey

    Hi. I have a Hermes Brides de Gála. The colour is a soft red border and the main background colour is cream /golden. It belonged to my mum and she had it for years. Can you give me a idea of the date and perhaps a value. Although I doubt that I will part with it.

  19. Lynn

    hello- I have a scarf with scenes from a fox hunt in an Hermes box. I would love to know if you can identify it (sorry, but I don’t see how to attach photos here) Would you please respond via email so I can send you the photos? Thank you!

  20. Ruth

    I have a black and white scarf with Suns and stars and what looks like a French King on a horse. It’s still in its original orange box- any info you could share? Possible age? Worth?


  21. Lynne LeCouvre

    I have a Hermes scarf ‘Mesanges’ by Hermes designer Xavier Perot and was advised by a friend who is an Appraiser here in Santa Barbara to ask you about pricing and a venue for this scarf.
    I sent photos to Sotheby’s in France and was told ‘…Nice scarf but unfortunately Sotheby’s does not sell scarves. . I also put it on EBay for several hours and garnered 4-5 watchers at $4000.
    I will so appreciate your guidance – Provence-wise , I am a former shop owner, found this at an estate sale in Santa Barbara area, gave it to my little granddaughter who is now 18, because she loved birds. My daughter tucked it away, where it stayed for 10+ years until just recently when she (my daughter) got it out and wore to a dental appointment one fine morning – everyone loved it, noticed ‘Hermes’ so my daughter brought it to me and said ‘Mom, you should check this.’

  22. Ted Formeza


    A basic question concerning “Les Pies”. I’ve seen two auctions on eBay listing the sizes as 34″x35″, but I’ve read that it should be 35″x35″ (90cm x 90cm). Are they fakes, or an error in the listing? Also, has this scarf been re-issued by Hermes more than once? My apologies I’m a novice, but I thought one might make a nice gift.

    1. Carre de Paris

      Hello Ted,
      thank you for contacting me regarding the Les Pies. And please, no need to apologize 🙂
      The size is actually supposed to be 36 x 36 inches or 90 x 90 cm. As all Hermes scarves are handrolled and hand sewn they do in fact differ in size. Especially, vintage scarves. This particular scarf was originally issued in 1950 and I am not sure when it was re-issued if ever. Several of Xavier de Porets scarves, which are highly sought after, have been re-isssued in the late 1990s, but just do not have any sources that would confirm the re-issue for this carre.

      I am sorry I was not able to fully answer your questions.

      Kind regards,

  23. Trace Jackson

    I received a Hermes Twill Fleurs D’ivodiennes scarf, never worn still in the box, from a friend. I am sad to say that I don’t know much about Hermes or their scarfs. I’ve started reading up on Hermes because I enjoy the history of things but I was wondering if you could give me some history of this scarf (release date, artist etc) or a good resource to investigate.

    Thank you!

    1. Carre de Paris

      Hello Trace,
      Thnak you for finding my blog. i am assuming you are referring to the Fleurs D’indiennes. If so, this scarf was designed by Aline Honore and issued 2011. Congratulations on a gorgeous scarf 🙂

      Please let me know if I can be of further service.

      Kind regards,

  24. rochellelaine

    Hi! I have a 2002 Liberty %100 silk scarf. It’s to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.

    It is in immaculate condition. With original tags.

    I can not find one anywhere on the Internet. Could I send a picture to you so that you could tell me a little bit more about it? I’m recently engaged and I’m looking to sell my scalf collection to find out wedding.

    Thanks in advance,

    Rochelle Lainé

  25. Kim Smith

    I received a scarf from a co-worker who is originally from Greece where he picked it up while visiting family. There are no tags but it is beautiful. Can I send a picture and maybe you could tell me a little more about it.

  26. Cindy

    Hi! I’ve had a Hermes scarf for years it was a gift from a girlfriend. I’ve never worn it and no nothing about it other than how special they are! May I send a picture to you for help?

  27. Ally

    Hi there,

    My step grandmother gave me a Les Cavaliers D’or. It’s black with gold horses and Roman statues?

    I have absolutely no idea about it?

    Is it very valuable?

    Thank you

  28. yuri takakura

    Hi, my scarf is brides de gala, I bought it from my mother’s friend who travel to France about 30 years ago. But I don’t see signiture which helmes,I see only copyright sigh c in the circle under the name of title “brides de gala par helmes paris “.this color is light pink,gray and white.size is 34 ×34 inch.I concerned about my scarf is fake or really old vintage .if you know anything about this scarf or your opinions please email me.
    Thank you.

    1. Carre de Paris

      Dear Yuri,
      I must have overlooked your comment – my apologies.
      Brides de Gala was designed by Hugo Grygkar, who never signed any of his designs.
      You may want to check my blog and/or my website, http://www.carredeparis.com for either Hugo Grygkar and/or Brides de Gala for more information and photos for comparison.
      I hope this was jelpful.
      Enjoy your carre.
      Kind regards,
      Carré de Paris

  29. Jaimie

    Hello! Thank you for your wonderful blog. I just bought an “Early America” Hermes scarf off of the internet. F. de La Perriere .How do I find out the year it was produced?

    THANK YOU so much for your help!

    1. Carre de Paris

      Dear Jamie,

      thank you for contacting me and your kind compliment. As far as your Early America carre is concerned, the issue date will be determined by several factors, the care tag, copyright and colorway, the latter the most difficult to ascertain and finally condition could also be a helpful factor. This carre was first issued in 1979 and re-issued in 1994 and then again in 2005. You may find the following links helpful:

      I hope this is helpful.
      Enjoy your carre –
      Kind regards,

  30. Laura

    Hi , I have a 20 year old orange Les Tambours drum scarf never worn still in box. Would you have any value of this scarf?



  31. Jen Radcliffe

    I have what I believe is a Raconte moi le cheval pleated scarf in beige/grey. I can’t find any information about it online. I have had it for I think at least 17 years (I could swear I got it more than 25 years ago, but maybe not). It has never been worn and very rarely handled. Do you have any info on the value? I can send a picture if that helps. Any info would be much appreciated.

    1. Carre de Paris

      Hello Jen,
      Thnak you for contacting me. Sounds like a lovely scarf. I have seen this scarf offered for sale for as much as $475. This of course does not mean it is going to sell for that much, :-), but hopefully this will give you a rough idea.

      Please let me know if I can be of further service.

      Enjoy your scarf.

      Kind regards,

    1. Carre de Paris

      Hello Kat,
      Thank you for contacting me regarding your HERMES Brise de Charme.
      Designed by Julia Abadie and first issued in 1985, this carre is generally not considered rare.
      I would like to add that this, however, does not necessarily reflect a scarf’s desirability, which is more driven by its colorway, condition and/or whether it is an original or a re-issue.

      If you would like more in depth information or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to either contact me here or directly via email at carredeparis@gmail.com

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Enjoy your weekend.

  32. Becca

    I have a 1996 Musique des Dieux by Claudia Stuhlhofer-Mayr that has never been worn and is in perfect condition but is without original packaging. Where would you suggest I sell it and what would you recommend as the asking price? Thank you!

  33. Carre de Paris

    Hrllo again,
    my apologies for not including the link – here it is:

    The Feux de Route sold for $349 and below is the description as it appeared in our store:
    Spectacular Feux de Route was designed by Caty Latham and first issued in 1971. Centered around a coach with an over sized carriage light, this scarf does not lack on interest and detail. Gorgeous rare original issue and for its age this carre is in close to mint condition.

    – in near mint condition
    – vibrant colors
    – fabulously strong silk
    – copyright
    – no holes
    – no color transfer
    – 2 very faint and very small spots
    – 1 very small pulled thread
    – hand rolled plump hem
    – made in France
    – 100 % pure silk
    – approx. dimensions in inches and cm : 34.5 x 35 and 87.5 x 89
    – guaranteed authentic
    – gift wrapped
    – layaway plans tailored to Your specific needs
    – subject to prior sale
    You are always welcome to visit my site http://www.carredeparis.com and search for scarves by name.

    My email is carredeparis@gmail.com

    I hope this helps –
    Kind regards,

  34. alpaca

    Hi – I have 2 Hermes scarves, one is called ‘Tahiti’ and is not very big, the other is ‘Feux de Route’. Can you tell me please how much you think they might be worth?
    Many thanks.

    1. Carre de Paris

      Hello Alpaca,
      Thank you for reaching out.
      Due to time constraints, I am no longer able to provide pricing free of charge. Here is alink to a Feux de Route that we sold in our store. This may give you an idea what the price range might be. Please remember that a lot depends on the condition of the scarf, color way, etc., as well as current market conditions.

      I hope this helps 🙂
      We do purchase and take authentic Hermes scarves on consignment, should this be of interest to you, please email me directly at carredeparis@gmail.com.

      Have a wonderful rest of your weekend
      Cordialement – Ladi

      1. alpaca

        Thank you for answering, unfortunately you did not send the link and the email address is invalid.
        Please can you give me an idea how to find out what my scarves are worth on the market.

    2. Cathy Beckman

      Hi, I have a vintage Hermes orange Reves d’Espace scarf that is in new condition. It has never been worn, and i just took it out of the box for a second time. It includes a little orange book, an Autumn-Hiver 1999-2000 catalog and care card with it. It comes in the orange Hermes box inside of a blue and white box with orange trim. Can you give me some idea of its worth? It is lovely and untouched. I received it many years ago. Thank you very much. I can send any pictures you need if you give me the information I would need to do so.

  35. B38

    Can you tell me more about old Xavier De Poret Hermes Scarf with DACHSHUNDS, scarf is in white (beige) color dogs in brown and dog straps in yellow, frame in light blue. Scarf is with many small holes and contains lot of unclonable stains two is large. but from distance looks great. Is ist worth something?

    1. Carre de Paris

      thank you for contacting us. Absolutely it is, especially if it brings you joy wearing it.

      As far as Xavier de Poret is concerned, he belongs to the group of Hermes artists, who are sought after by collectors. His Bassets Allemands (1956) is quite rare especially if it is in excellent condition, which it sounds like yours might not be. But regardless, it is a piece of Hermes carre history.

  36. Christy Ogletree

    Hello I have an ART DES STEPPES by Annie Faivre silk Hermes scarf
    It’s beautiful and authentic. It has all the authentic identifiers on it. What is it worth and would you be willing to buy it from me? Thanks alot

  37. Alexi


    I have a scarf from 2010 I believe. I bought it in Italy and Its gorgeous but I don’t ever wear it. Its a Silk Gronland Scarf 90 and I know the artist is Phillipe Ledoux. Its a turqoise color and It has huskies on it. Its in perfect condition and I was wondering How much it’s worth? Also, where could I possibly sell it? Thank You!

    1. Carre de Paris

      Hello Alexi,
      thank you for contacting me regarding your Hermes scarf.

      We sold one over a year ago in pristine condition for $349. We buy as well as consign authentic HERMES scarves and if you are interested, please email me at carredeparis@gmail.com directly.

      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind regards,

  38. Christy Ogletree

    Hello I have a Hermes vintage scarf that has ART DES STEPPES (DETAIL ) on the side of the design. .guess that’s the artist. .can you tell me what it’s worth? Thanks a bunch

    1. Carre de Paris

      Hello Christy,
      thank you for contacting us regarding your Hermes scarf. Not only do the design, edition, but also condition of the scarf, the current market conditions (ie demand) as well as possibly market area determine its resale value.

      Due to overwhelming demand we no longer offer free valuations. Should you wish to receive a formal valuation of your scarf, you can request an appraisal, which we provide for a flat fee of $19.

      Should you wish to proceed, please contact us directly at carredeparis@gmail.com.

      Again, thank you for reaching out to us regarding your Art des Steppes. We look forward to being of further service to you.
      Kind regards,

  39. susan cox

    I have a vast variety Of vintage Hermes scarves that I would like to sell as one large lot. I’m interested in being guided in the right direction of a possible buyer. Do you have any suggestions of how I would market these? I can try eBay but would prefer to just sell all together. Boxes included and most are equestrian. Themed. Thank you for your suggestions.

  40. Ann

    I have a Hermes scarf, pristine still in the box, that was given to my mother by a diplomat in Paris. She recieved it around 1985. The pattern is Chevaux Arabes. It is primarly bright blue with some fuschia accents. What is unusual, is that the pattern name, is not written in French it is in Arabic lettering. Can you tell me anything about it? Have you ever seen one like it?

    1. carredeparis

      Hello Ann,
      congratulations on this fabulous scarf. Designed by Hugo Grygkar, this scarf was originally issued in 1951. Were you interested in consigning or selling it?
      I will be blogging about this scarf and was wondering if you would be willing to provide me with some photos of your lovely scarf for my blog 🙂

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,

      1. Ann

        Hello Ladi,
        Yes, I would be happy to send some photos of the scarf and would certainly consider selling or consigning it. It’s a beautiful piece; I’d like to see it in someone’s collection who will truly appreciate it.

  41. Juliana Lujan

    I am wondering what year my Hermes scarf was issued, and if it has been re-issued. I own the Kermit Oliver Hopi Katchina scarf and have seen it on eBay, but no descriptors ever talk about year of issue. Thank you for your blog!

    1. carredeparis

      Hello Juliana,
      Thank you for posting your question.

      As far as the Kachinas is concerned, it was, as you already know, designed by the only American artist, Oliver Kermit, and first issued in 1992. Due to its popularity it was re-issued in 1997 and again in 2004. As with all of Mr. Kermit’s scarves, it is quite sought after.

      I hope this helps a bit. Thank you for your posting and kind words about my blog.

      Happy Holidays –

  42. Melissa

    I’ve recently cleaned out some drawers and found a lovely vintage Hermes scarf, untouched, in it’s original box. It is still folded in the tissue. It was designed by Sandra LaRoche and the name is “Le Geographe” from 1992 (I believe). The colors are ivory, pale blue and gold, I understand there was more than one color way. Any ideas on it’s value?

    Kind regards,

  43. Carrie

    Hello. I have a Hermes, Brides de Gala silk scarf (navy, ivory & gold), made in France that is still in the original box and never worn. Can you tell me how much it may be worth? Thank you in advance for your help!


    1. carredeparis

      Hello Carrie,
      thank you for your inquiry. The Brides de Gala is definitely a very popular Hermes scarves. It has been re-issued many times and is readily available in many colorways. As a result it typically does not fetch top dollar like some of the more rare scarves do. We have sold it between $279 and $329, yours being in unworn condition, I would expect to price it somewhere between $349 and $379.
      Of course this is just an estimate and should be viewed as a rough guideline.

      I hope this helps. Thank you again.
      Have a wonderful day.


  44. Lesley Talbot

    I have a Hermes scarf that has the words Lart Indien des plaines which my son bought me some years back never been worn in a box which is also inside a Hermes Christmas box what would its value be. It is a beautiful red blue and gold and yellow and looks Axtec in design


    1. carredeparis

      Hello Lesley,
      My apologies – I must have overlooked your comment by accident.

      As far as your L’art Indien des Plaines scarf is concerned, I always say that its intrinsic value may be so much higher than its market value. You may see asking prices for this aprticular scarf in similar condition range from $299 to $499 but ultimately it is what a scarf will sell for and at what price you are willing to part with it. With scarves, it is very subjective.

      I hope this helped.

      Again, my apologies for the very tardy reply.

      Greetings – Ladi

  45. Natasha

    Hi, I have had my Hermes scarf for I don’t know how many years; but I always thought it was just a scarf and I cant even remember where it came from!
    During a clearing out process I was going to give it to a charity shop as I had never used it. Before I did I decided to look over it one more time and noticed the writing in the center: ‘Marche Flottant Du Lac Inle Hermes – Paris’. I also saw a label saying that it was a 100% silk and made in France.
    So i decided to look it up on the internet and see if it had any value. I’ve suddenly realized how special it is! And then came across your site…so i just wanted to tell you about it and see what you thought it would be worth?
    Its in good condition, apart from the crease lines where its been folded up.

    Many thanks!

    1. carredeparis

      Hello Natasha,
      Thank you for contacting me. I am always happy to hear, when people rediscover these hidden treasures 🙂
      You have, it sounds like, a wonderful scarf by one of Hermes’ very popular artists, Dimitri Rybaltchenko. The Marche Flottant Du Lac Inle was issued in 1998 and a subsequent slightly different version was issued in 2002 and is called Marche Flottant Du Lac Inle II. I have seen this design priced as high as $500 (in unworn condition), but most often the price being around the mid $300s. This is a very popular scarf by a very popular artist. Please let me know if I can answer anymore questions. I do offer consignment and buy scarves out right as well, should you be interested. If, so please contact be at carredeparis@gmail.com. Have a terrific day – enjoy your scarf –

      1. Natasha

        Hi Ladi, thank you for replying so promptly.

        Its great to hear that my scarf is so popular and I cant believe that it could be worth that much! Can I ask how I would know whether my scarf is the 1998 version or the 2002? And if that would make a difference in its value?

        I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it now, though I am very aware that it needs to be looked after. To think I was going to give it to the charity shop! Do you believe that it could become more valuable as time goes on?

        If I decide to sell it then I will certainly keep you in mind and let you know of my intention, but can I ask if you know any other good ways to sell an item like this? (especially if i wanted to sell locally). I have seen some sold on eBay, but would vintage clothing stores pay well for an item like this?

        Thank you so much for answering my questions.

  46. Judy Hamon

    I have a Philippe ledoux 1965 scarf Fiacres.it has been in a drawer for 20 years and has a slight fold mark down the centre. Any ideas on it’s value and how I could sell it please?

    1. carredeparis

      Hello Judy,
      my sincere apologies for the tardy reply – We have been in the process of moving. Thank you for contacting me regarding your scarf. One just recently sold for $65 and had a small hole and stain. I find that with vintage scarves that are more unknown and less popular, the prices may not be as high as one would expect, unless you happen to stumble upon a collector who is willing to pay up for it. This is just a very quick and brief response. Should you wish to continue this more in depth, feel free to email me at carredeparis@gmail.com.

      I hope you will find this helpful and I look forward to be of service in the future.

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