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  1. Ann

    Hi, I came upon this site by accident as I have been trying to find out if the ‘Crown’ scarf I have is real. It was my late grandmothers and believe it dates form the 1960s but I cannot find any reference to the colour way, the background colour is green with gold crowns. There is a (c) above Hermes – Paris but no signature.
    Condition is very good, although could probably do with a clean. I welcome any info you might have.
    Regards Ann,.

    1. carredeparis

      Hello Ann,
      my apologies for the delayed reply. By what you are describing sound like you might the “real” thing. The “c” above the Hermes is typical for this scarf and the colorway as well. I am happy to have a closer look if you would like to send/post a photo.

      Again, my apologies for the delayed response.

      Have a fab summer.


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