Walking the streets of Paris

I have decided to revisit some of my favorite places and neighborhoods in Paris on foot.  Wednesday, I ventured to the Palais-Royal, where unfortunately many of the shops were closed for their summer holiday.  My walk took me to some of my favorite spots…

Maison Hermès, 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

Disappointed as the majority of their windows were being worked on, I turned around (but will come back for a second look…)

I took a route back through the Le Marais, which never disappoints. Charming cafes, chic boutiques, restaurants filled with both tourists and locals alike – so much to see here.  I absolutely adore this place.  Stumbled upon a packed-to-the-brim vintage store, rummaged through bins with other vintage enthusiasts, bought nothing but still left satisfied.


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