Working on a new post…the Quai aux Fleur

While in Paris this last time, I realized how many places there, have inspired so many of the Hermès scarves.

So, I decided to put together a collage of Parisian places and the scarves they have inspired…

Like for example the Quai aux Fleurs

Quai aux Fleurs, Hugo Grygkar, 1952
Quai aux Fleurs, Hugo Grygkar, 1952
Quai aux Fleurs, Île de la Cité, Paris

In 1879, the street that shares its name with Grygkar’s foulard, acquired its present name, Quai aux Fleurs, from a nearby flower market, where flowers were bought and sold.

Today, the flower vendors are gone, but the street that hugs the Seine with its stately buildings and posh apartments, is still there and enjoys some spectacular views of the Mairie de Paris.

Located on the northeastern bank of the Ile de la Cite, I wander down its cobble stones and around the corner lose myself in the gardens at the foot of Notre Dame.

In the gardens, I may have found Grygkar’s inspiration yet…

Notre Dame de Paris Gardens

more to follow….

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