Les Parures du Vent by Joachim Metz, 1991

Les Parures du Vent, literally translated “Ornaments of the Wind”.  Joachim Metz captures in great detail, some of the most interesting hood ornaments of luxury cars, some of which no longer in existence, such as the Hispano Suiza.

Hispano-Suiza (Spanish-Swiss; translation) was a Spanish automotive company founded in 1904, famous for its luxury cars prior to World War II.  Other companies, such as Jaguar and Rolls Royce are also represented on this gorgeous scarf.  For good fun, Metz incorporated several car clubs such as the Automobile Club of Verona and the Automobile Club de Picardie et de L’Aisne.

What I do notice, when I look at all of these beautiful hood ornaments scattered about his scarf, is that they all have one thing in common, winged or un-, they are ready to leap off, take flight from even the most luxurious of hoods…

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