Dear fellow Hermes Carre Aficionados

I just realized that the summer has gone and I have not been a “good” blogger, but that will all change soon 🙂

Please stay tuned as I will write about different vintage scarves and what inspired them.

We have also added several gorgeous scarves for every day wear at a great price in our new store section, the Petit Marche.

Please come and check them out here

4 thoughts on “Dear fellow Hermes Carre Aficionados

  1. Anna

    Dear Ladi,

    Thank you so much for your speedy reply. I am thrilled with the info you have provided me please note i temporarily took the listing down at ebay since I may have priced it incorrectly.

    I would love to provide you more pictures of the scarf and will do this soonest. I will keep in touch and again, thank you for the information!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Anna

    hello! i just across your site by googling rare vintage hermes scarves. i would like to seek your opinion on this particular scarf – i hope you can spare some time as i value your knowledgeable insight greatly. this was in the family and we don’t have a need for it anymore that’s why i’m now selling but i don’t know if i am pricing this correctly. a similar scarf (from le brech & associes) sold for 80-100 euros but i noticed there is no scalloping design at the background w/c is present in mine. this scarf is signed henri de linares, tableau de chasse. thank you and excited to hear from you!

    1. Hello Anna,
      Thank you for contacting me and for your kind email :-).
      Congratulations on your wonderful scarf. The scalloping is a jacquard weave and Hermes no longer produces jacquard silk scarves as these are quite costly to produce. Jacquard scarves have therefore become rare and are sought after by collectors.
      To be able to better assist you with pricing, I would need to know the condition of your scarf. You can post a reply here or email me directly at, where you can send additional photos, if you have them. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards,

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