Enjoying a glass of Bordeaux in my hammock…

Farandole HERMES
Farandole HERMES silk scarf


So here I am at the end of a busy week relaxing in the hammock with a glass of nice Bordeaux.  I called up my best friend to tell her about my little shopping adventure buying some amazing vintage jackets: Thierry Mugler long blazer – perfect fit – yeah – and a short very interesting jacket made in France. I also found a couple of vintage Hermes scarves, a Vue du Carosse, just like the one that just sold


and a Passementerie in a green colorway, that I passed up on as I am not sure about the colors…

Looking up at the sky, I wondered why the two beautiful FARANDOLE scarves have not sold, when a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly fluttered by.  I fumbled for my phone, but by the time I figured it all out, the Swallow Tail was, of course, gone!

A little disappointed, I quickly realized that I had NO idea what FARANDOLE meant? Of course I assumed it had something to do with butterflies.

Authentic Hermes Silk Scarf Farandole by Caty Latham Beige Lt Blue
Authentic Hermes Silk Scarf Farandole by Caty Latham Beige Lt Blue

I came inside and poured myself (no not another glass) but over my resources, the translator and all I could come up with was, that a FARANDOLE is a lively dance, of Provençal origin???

Did Caty mean to suggest that the butterflies were dancing a Farandole on her scarf?

Please help as I am puzzled… (but then again, that is nothing new :-))

Happy May Day!

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