Cadre Noir, Hermes Silk Scarf

The bold Cadre Noir Hermes Silk Scarf was designed by Colonel G. Margot and first issued in 1963. Re-issued 30 years later, this scarf according to Carrés d’art by Genevieve Fontan is a 3D, which means “quite rare and quite sought after”.

Like so many Hermes carrés, the Cadre Noir too has an equestrian theme.


But there is more to this unique scarf…

The Cadre Noir scarf pays homage to the prestigious and elite teachers of the French National Riding School, the École Nationale d’Équitation at Saumur, founded in 1828 and still in existence today. Cadre Noir received its name from the black uniforms worn by their instructors.  The École Nationale d’Équitation is considered to be one of the most prestigious horsemanship schools in the world.

You can visit their website for additional information as well as their current schedule of performances.

File:Cadre noir 19 mai 2012 (7-349).jpg
Présentation publique du Cadre noir, École nationale d’équitation, Saumur (description à compléter) Croquant, 19 May 2012

Cadre Noir HERMES Vintage Silk Scarf-12Cadre Noir Hermes Carre

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