A night at the Symphony…

What a treat!

Last night the San Francisco Symphony under the guidance of Michael Tilson Thomas, brought Beethoven’s Symphony 6, better known as Pastoral, to its glorious life.

Pastoral being one of my all time favorites, Beethoven shares my utmost adoration alongside Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Dvorak.  Simply put, his music touches my romantic heart and soul…

Pastoral is one of those symphonies that although I have heard many times before, it never loses its magic for me.  My daughter first experienced this piece as a little girl mesmerized by Walt Disney’s mythical ancient Greece.

Swept away by the rushing stream and wonderfully caught up in Ludwig’s dramatic storm, we did not want our journey through Germany’s countryside to end.

Outside the magic continued as we were greeted by a light show as San Francisco’s City Hall celebrated its 100th birthday.

Just like the maestro’s neck, mine was sheltered from San Francisco’s cool night time breezes by an Ex Libris Hermes scarf, while my daughter chose a much more romantic and perhaps therefore, more appropriate, Quai aux Fleurs to keep her nice and warm.

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