Inspiration behind Les Tambours

I have to admit that I have searched high and low and have unfortunately, not come up with much regarding the inspiration behind this scarf, that the name itself would not already suggest. The Les Tambours (the drums) designed by Joachim Metz, was first issued in 1989 and depicts drums used by the battalion drummers, who were part of the Imperial Guard under Napoleon III in the mid 18th century.

Les Tambours Hermes – SOLD

Les Tambours HERMES Silk Scarf NIB

eous Les Tambours, HERMES
Gorgeous Les Tambours, HERMES – SOLD

Sometimes the battalion or marching band as we might call it, could reach up to forty-six members and was comprised of fifes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, trumpets, trombones and of course drums. The drums in particular were indispensable tools in the military. Used to transmit orders, even in battle, the drumbeats had to be louder than the surrounding battle.  This in itself made the drummers, mostly young boys, very vulnerable and high targets by the opposition. If one were to kill the drummer boy or trumpeter (often the same person), an officer would have great difficulty getting his commands known over the noise of the battlefield.

At the center of the carré are the Imperial Guard uniform epaulettes.

I am going to surmise that this carré is a tribute to the drummer boy and his important role and many times personal sacrifice.


Like so many artifacts, the drum above Hermès – Paris is an etching from the personal collection of Émile Hermès, whose immense collection has inspired so many vintage scarves and under whose tutelage the carré as we know it was born, perfected and immortalized.

Emile Maurice Hermès * 18.12.1871 † 11.09.1951

Merci Monsieur Hermès –

Les Tambours in black CW – AVAILABLE

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