An interesting and fun way to wear your Hermes Shawl or Maxi Twilly

The other day a friend came by and when I showed her one of the Opera scarves I currently have for sale in the store, she showed me a great way to wear it


First tie a loose knot at one end of shawl or maxi twilly


Start folding opposite end of shawl as pictured


Then still holding the folded part, drape shawl around your neck and insert the folded end into the loose knot and adjust as you see fit by spreading or fanning the folded end. Tighten knot.  And most of all have fun and experiment…



4 thoughts on “An interesting and fun way to wear your Hermes Shawl or Maxi Twilly

    1. Dear Maureen,
      Thank you for posting your questions. The Opera Scarf is a called Crown and was designed by Julia Abadie and first issued in 1969. I currently have one available for purchase in a red, white and gold colorway at my store:

      How to clean your Hermes scarf is an excellent question and I am going to try to answer this in greater detail in my upcoming post. There are two schools of thought, dryclean and hand wash. Hermes recommends dry cleaning only. That is due to the fact that the dyes used are natural and thus have a tendency to “run”. Hence do not wear your scarf in the rain 🙂 Should it ever get wet, let it dry flat so as to avoid possible color transfer.

      I will write in the next day or two about the two methods and the advantages and disadvantages to both.

      I hope this helps for now 🙂

      At your service, should you have any other questions.

      Have a fantastic day.
      Kind regards,

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