Hermès Etriers carré by Françoise de la Perriere, 1964

The Ever So Lovely ETRIERS by Françoise de la Perrière for Hermès

The Etriers was designed by Françoise de la Perrière for the Maison Hermès and first issued in 1964.

Once again, we find Emile Hermès’ Collection as the inspiration for this stunning carre. Sixteen different types of stirrups of varied origins have been artfully assembled and illustrated in the greatest of details.


At the center, a huge Peruvian pyramide shaped stirrup dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century, dominates the composition.  Just below is what resembles a women’s slipper, nicknamed the “Sandal of the Amazon”, is a “slipper stirrup”.  These types of stirrups were used by women riding sidesaddle. This “slipper” is where Monsieur de la Perriere incorporated the copyright, a “c”, in his original design as many of the early artists did. (for more information on early Hermès copyrights please follow this link)


Not only can different types of stirrups, such as the swivel or barred stirrup, be found in this carre, but also stirrups used by different cavalries and for different types of riding. Typically the heavier stirrups (French stirrups) were more comfortable, while their lighter versions (Hungarian stirrups), allowed for better control and were ideal for riding fast.

Once again, we must thank both the artistry of Francoise de la Perriere, who was one of the best known Hermès illustrators, and to Emile Hermès, whose vast collection has been the inspiration to so many early carres.


Other beautiful carres by Françoise de la Perrière are Bride de Cour (1969), Les Coupes (1971) and Voitures a Transformation (1965) to name but a few…

Bride de Cour Rare Ascot – sold
Bride de Cour Ascot – Rare – sold
Bride de Cour Blouse – Rare – sold
Hermes Silk Scarf Les Coupes in Hermes Orange and Brown, Françoise de la Perrière, 1971
Hermes Silk Scarf Les Coupes, Françoise de la Perrière, 1971 – sold
Les Voiture by Françoise de la Perrière – $349 available at www.carredeparis.com

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