FEATURED Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf Plaza de Toros with Hermes Box

Authentic Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf Plaza de Toros was designed by Hubert de Watrigant in first issued in 1993.  Monsieur de Watrigant has brought us treasures such as the Carnaval de Venise, Les Chevaux Qataris and Ombrelles et Parapluies. This highly sought after carré features colorful Spanish bull fighters.  Here in a striking colorway of yellow and orange contrasted by a kelly green […]

And one more coming soon…

La Ronde des Jockeys (re-issue) will be joining our stable of fine vintage equestrian scarves.  This re-issue sports the modern copyright as well as a newer care tag This gorgeous carre was designed by Francoise de la Perriere and first issued in 1969 (please note copyright) and was called Ronde des Jockeys – Ascot 1831 (below)

FEATURED Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf Ecuries Hugo Grygkar Re-issue with Hermes Box

Authentic Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf Écuries was designed by Hugo Grygkar in 1947 and re-issued in 1993.  Very rare and highly sought after, here a re-issue in excellent condition.   Gorgeous blues, grays accented by bold red create an elegant composition and a timeless carré. So grab your riding jacket, boots, and of course your carré and lets go […]

One of my all time favorites…

Le Pont Neuf à Paris Hermès carré by Philippe Ledoux from 1964 simply captivates me.  I am immediately carried off to Paris…among the people, the carriages, the hustle and bustle… more to come on this fabulous scarf…

The Musée carré


The Musée carré was designed by none other than Philippe Ledoux, who brought us so many beautiful vintage Hermès scarves. This scarf was first issued in 1962 and pays homage to Émile Hermès‘ vast collection of art and artifacts.  The now Émile Hermès Museum, situated above the Hermès flagship store on 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is unfortunately not open […]