Orgauphone et Autres Mecaniques, why is this scarf not more in demand???

Orgauphone et Autres Mecaniques Hermes silk jacquard carre –
Designed by Francoise Faconnet in 1996

Whenever I see an Hermes Orgauphone et Autres Mecaniques jacquard silk scarf by Françoise Faconnet, which was designed and issued in 1996, I am astounded at its beauty. The treble clefs woven into the silk alone resonate with my heart.

As far as the Carres d’Art is concerned, it scores a solid 3C, which means that is “quite rare and quite sought after”.  So why is it, that it is not that popular in the US? So, I decided to do a little research…

For one, it is not even credited to Françoise Faconnet on a popular online reference site. At least this was the case when I initially blogged about this carre on October 19, 2015 6:41 pm.  I am happy to report, that it has been corrected 🙂

(this in my original post: however only one photo. Really? When you look under this artist the Orgauphone et Autres Mecaniques does not even show up there! Her other scarves like Astrologie / Dies et Hore, La Cle des Champs, Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant, Courbettes et Cabrioles do, but not this one. You have to search by the scarf name itself and only then and only one, yes, one photo comes up.  Sad, very sad, indeed.)

Let me tell you, why neglecting to notice this special carre is truly a shame.

This scarf, like so many of Françoise Faconnet’s carres, oozes with gorgeous detail and the symphony of colors is fabulous in pretty much any colorway.

This scarf is dedicated to music, to the organ to be exact.

Both the huge organ, found in churches and cathedrals and the hand held, perhaps less grand version, the kind that filled the streets of Europe in days past, are both represented and given proper credit in this scarf.


Notice the beautiful pipes and detail throughout (below)P1240396As jacquard silk scarves are very expensive to produce, Hermes stopped making these exquisite scarves for years and only recently has reintroduced the jacquard weave under the more modern reference, “tattoo”.

I would personally like to say “Thank You, Madame Faconnet for bringing us this gorgeous scarf, which I for one appreciate and adore!

Merci, Madame Faconnet!

Other fabulous scarves by Françoise Faconnet can be admired in greater detail on our flickr page, just follow the links:  Astrologie / Dies et HoreLa Cle des ChampsDaimyo Princes du Soleil LevantCourbettes et Cabrioles

Carres d’Art by Genevieve Fontan, copyright Arfon 2010

Simply put, the Hermes Orgauphone et Autres Mecaniques carre is a splendid design by a very talented artist.

Here is what Hermes had to say in the Le Carré HERMÈS© Paris:

There is a paradox in producing a melody, something natural, by purely mechanical means. And yet a very real poetry issues from these orchestral trumpets, from these bellows-driven warblers, from these mechanical organs with their wooden reeds. Man intervenes merely to turn the handle of the barrel-organ, thus putting rhythm into the heels of all the city dwellers and melancholy into the souls of the sensitive.

HERMÈS© Paris, 1996 copyright

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