HELP! I am looking for the following HERMES scarves

I am hoping that one of you, my dear readers, will either have one of these scarves or knows someone, who does and who would like to turn them into cash.

I am looking for the following HERMES scarves to either purchase or consign right away.  Thank you for your help – much appreciated

  1. Pivoines – any colorway
  2. Giverny – any colorway
  3. Cheval Turc – any colorway
  4. Regina – slate/gray background
  5. The Royal and Ancient Game of Golf – any colorway
  6. La Danse du Cheval Marwari – in fuchsia – either as a 36 inch or stole/shawl
  7. La Femme aux Semelles de Vent – pink
  8. Hommage a Explorateur Sir Ernest Shackleton – light blue

4 thoughts on “HELP! I am looking for the following HERMES scarves

  1. Evelyn Scott


    I am interested in selling my Au-dela des Cinq Mers. It is in excellent condition, in the original box, with tags, and tags. Are you interested in doing so either by consignment, or purchase?

    Thanks very much, and I also I do enjoy your web site, and blog. They’re fun to read and so well done!

    Mikki Scott

    1. Dear Mikki,
      thank you for contacting me and for your kind compliment. I am definitely interested and either would work for me. Any chance you could send me a photo or two and also the price you wish to receive for your scarf?
      You can also contact me via email at or text me at 760.645.5502.
      I will forward a consignment agreement to you via email, should you wish to pursue this option.

      I look forward to being of further service.
      Kind regards and wishes for a fantastic week,

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