Did you know…

that Zoe Pauwels‘ De Tout Coeur (“Wholeheartedly”) was used for a special Valentine’s Day edition stamp by the French La Poste in 2013?

The French national postal service, La Poste, began enlisting French couture houses such as Chanel, Lanvin, Givenchy in 2000 to design its annual Valentine’s Day stamp.

In 2013, the honor went to Hermès and for the first time La Poste issued a sheet of five .58 cent stamps with different designs, which can be seen in the photo below.  Five individual stamps in the shape of a heart each can be removed from that one sheet, which looks like Ms. Pauwels’s carre.

The 2013 Valentine’s Day “heart” edition was created around Hermès’ “De Tout Coeur” scarf designed by Ms. Pauwels, which first issued in 2007.


I was going to provide a link to Ms. Pauwels’ website, but unfortunately, it does not seem to be up any longer.  It used to have her various art projects along with some of her own commentary as well as her designs for Hermes.  Sad we can no longer enjoy her amazing art first hand…

Here is the website, just in case anything changes


If interested, please email me, I have several of these stamps in my collection.

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