VINCI – We offer the largest collection of

Authentic VINCI Hermes scarves

The Vinci carre was designed by Francoise Heron and first issued in 1958 and then re-issued ten years later.  We are proud to offer you the largest collection of these stunning scarves from this second early issue. Hermès began to copyright and add care tags to their scarves in the 60s.

Intricate and detailed scrolls create a monochromatic scarf that is both interesting as well as perfect for tying in many different ways. From playful to sophisticated, sleek and simple to a luxurious layered look, this is the perfect scarf for both women and men.

We are very fortunate to have several of the early issue Vinci scarves available for purchase.  All in exquisite or near perfect condition, with vintage copyrights and care tags.

Vinci HERMES Rare Silk Scarf
Vinci HERMES Rare Silk Scarf by Francoise Heron, 1968
Vinci HERMES Silk Carre VTG Navy
Vinci HERMES Silk Carre VTG Navy 1968 Issue

Early Hermes care tags and early copyright – above


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