Salzburg Opera Scarf
Salzburg Opera Scarf

Salzburg is a stunning scarf as the standard 90 cm square and even more so here as a reversible shawl or Opera Scarf.  The details of this carre are both stunning and a grand display of Loic Dubigoen’s mastery as an artist.  He creates lifelike details and brings Salzburg, Mozart’s (1756-1791) birthplace, so beautifully to life.  This is a gorgeous scarf that pays homage to one of

This gorgeous scarf pays homage to one of history’s greatest composers and the city he was born.

This reversible shawl is the precursor to the modern Maxi Twilly.  It is gorgeous, extremely versatile and suited for both sexes.

A stunning shawl and an exceptional addition to any HERMES scarf collection –

Coming soon…the Inspiration behind this carre

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