I was not going to write about this…

A quick update. The listing with my images was removed by eBay after i filed a complaint.

But this is the second time, that this has been brought to my attention.  My photographs and part of my description of two of my Napoleon carres are being used without my consent, of course, to sell a scarf on eBay!

I find this sort of misuse pathetic and outrages!

So please if you see any of my photos on any website other than a Carre de Paris site, do let me know.  I thank you and I apologize for any inconvenience!

I have submitted a request for removal of my images to eBay under their vero program.

Below  are my two photographs, each one of a different Napoleon carre, that are being used by someone else without my permission to sell their Napoleon scarf on eBay.

Please be aware of sellers like playtaz2010 who is selling neither of the scarves depicted in either photograph, and worse yet, is using someone else’s copyrighted photography!

Shame on you, palytaz2010!!!



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