Frontaux et Cocardes HERMES Pink Silk Scarf
Frontaux et Cocardes HERMES Pink Silk Scarf

Whether you love horses or not, most of us will agree that the Frontaux et Cocardes is an especially beautiful scarf.  A magnificent white horse is beautifully adorned with a Frontaux and surrounded by its many cocardes.  A Frontaux is the Browband part of the bridal, which is typically more decorative in France, Europe and Mexico.

When I saw this scarf for the very first time,  it took my breath away.  The elegant white horse head so lifelike and detailed, made me want to stretch out my hand and touch it. In all the colorways, pink, blue, green, brown and maroon, the horse head is white against a white background.  Hermes uses a technique, blanc matte, which is a special and difficult printing process of white pigment onto fabric.

Frontaux et Cocardes

In my opinion it is this striking white on white that makes the ultimate statement.

Caty Latham, who designed this scarf for Hermes in 1968 is responsible for over 50 scarves.  Her first carre, Les Cles, was issued in 1960 and quickly became one of the most recognized of all Hermes designs.  She is also known as Cathy Latham-Audibert and her artistry is especially evident in this carre.  The magnificent horse head is surrounded by intricate and colorful cocardes and braides that overlap and intertwine and cast shadows, giving this carre a wonderful sense of depth.

No matter what colorway, this a gorgeous scarf.

The lovely blue and chartreuse Frontaux et Cocardes is another fabulous colorway for this design

Frontaux et Cocardes VTG HERMES Paris Silk Scarf Lt Blue (13)


Frontaux et Cocardes Pink and GreenFrontaux et Cocardes HERMES Reversible Shawl


Frontaux et Cocardes HERMES
Frontaux et Cocardes HERMES

I have seen the Frontaux mistakenly misspelled on the Internet as Fronteaux


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