Chasse au Bois HERMÈS© Carre and all the reasons to love it!

I adore this scarf.

Warm golden caramel against the slate and teal blue remind me of early autumn days after the hot summer sun has turned once verdant meadows into shimmering gold.

Chasse Au Bois HERMES Silk Scarf UNWORN

Looking through a window onto a world so distant and yet so close and lifelike.

I grew up in central Europe at a time, when hunting was part of everyday life. Two of my uncles, dressed up in their handsome uniforms, boots and hats, would return from the woods with what later my aunts magically transformed into a delicious venison Sauerbraten.  Too young to make the connection at the time, I romanticized the idea of a hunt, until one time, I convinced one of my uncles to take me along.  Well, I will point out, that I have not eaten venison since…

What I love about this scarf is, that I see a scene that may have started out as a “hunt”, but to my delight, turned into a failed mission early on.

Have the foxes, the rabbit, the deer and the woodpecker outsmarted the two men and their hounds?

Both men look like they are more on a hike through the woods than a hunt; out in the open, they look a bit distracted, not focused at all.  Only one of them brought his rifle along, the other one brought his horn!?  For what, to announce the beginning of a hunt?  I don’t think so…

Don’t they realize they have been found out?

I am pretty certain there was no Sauerbraten on their table that night (and hopefully not any other night)

Chasse Au Bois HERMES Silk Scarf UNWORN-8



Hermes Chasse au Bois carre – SOLD
Chasse au Bois Hermes carre – SOLD
Chasse au Bois (Hunt in the Woods) Hermes Scarf Designed by Carl de Parcevaux in 1995 – SOLD

Too hard to resist the Chasse au Bois (Hunt in the Woods) Hermes Scarf by Carl de Parcevaux from 1995 – SOLD

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