This scarf celebrates, as do a number of other HERMES designs, France’s most prominent monarch, His Majesty, King Louis XIV.

Louis XIV, The Sun King – Painting at Versailles and the Inspiration for the HERMES carre Ludovicus Magnus (see below)

The Sun King, or Louis the Great, ruled France from 1643 until his death, 1 September 1715, making his monarchy the longest in European history.  Under his rule France was involved in three major wars and established itself as the leading power in Europe.

Louis XIV moved from Paris to Versailles and transformed the once modest hunting lodge into the spectacular chateau we know it as today.

It became both his primary residence and his seat of power.

View from Versailles towards the gardens

Before Louis’ reign, French aristocrats imported their fashions from Spain, purchased their lace in Venice and their silk in Milan.  Louis changed everything from architecture and furniture to jewelry and fashion.  During his reign he made France the leader in Luxury and has been credited to give birth to Haute Couture.

Bedroom at Versailles

Jean Bérain the Elder was the chief designer and artist for Louis’ court.  He oversaw everything from entertainment to furniture design.

In her scarf, Carrousel, Christiane Vauzelles features a beautiful horse with a harness that would make Berain and even His Majesty, the Sun King himself, approve.

Carrousel HERMES Silk Scarf
Carrousel HERMES Silk Scarf
Carrousel HERMES Silk Scarf w-Box-4
Carrousel carre can be purchased by clicking on image above an following link

Hermes has issued numerous scarves celebrating Louis XIV and here a couple more – enjoy

Ludovicus Magnus HERMES Paris Foulard
Authentic Vintage Hermes Silk Scarf Ludovicus Magnus Early or Original Issue Green – $309
Les Fetes du Roi Soleil Fireworks Jacquard
Les Fetes du Roi Soleil Fireworks Jacquard
Feux d'Artifice Jacquard
Feux d’Artifice HERMES Silk Jacquard

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