For all of you “ole timers” like me…

I thought I had to share this…

I have had my camera for over ten years and love it because it is simple enough to use and I am quite familiar with it. It is a Lumix by Panasonic DCM-FZ18.  For the past year, I have been seriously considering upgrading and have asked several pros what camera they might recommend. And I quickly realized that everyone has if not a favorite camera then perhaps a favorite brand.  I finally decided it was time and I purchased a fancy (expensive) camera just to return it after some disappointing photos.  I am very much set on capturing colors as true-to-life as possible, which has at times been quite challenging.

I recently switched to an iPhone.  While in Miami I did not feel like bringing my camera along since it is a bit bulky, so I thought I would try out my iPhone

Here are some sample photos…

The Villa Casa Casuarina - Versace's former home
The Villa Casa Casuarina – Versace’s former home. Looks small from Ocean Drive, but do not be fooled.
A Florida Alligator minding his own business
A Florida Alligator minding his own business

Española Way, Miami Beach
Pleased with the quality of the shots, I just tried out my iPhone for the Pittoresque Fantaisie carre.

What do you think. Not bad, right? 🙂

Fantaisie Pittoresque HERMES Silk Scarf_-9
Fantaisie Pittoresque HERMES
Fantaisie Pittoresque HERMES

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