Le Chants du Henne HERMES Silk Scarf

Hermes Le Chants du Henne

Le Chants du Henne HERMES Silk Scarf-3.jpgHermes Le Chants du Henne, the Song of Henna is a carre designed by Toutsy (also known as Laurence THIOUNE and Laurence BOURTHOUMIEUX), who is responsible for a number of fabulous and much loved carres.   (Please follow the links to some of her creations as well as a short bio).

Le Chants du Henne was issued in 2002, the year of the Hand at Hermes.

Le Chants du Henne HERMES Silk Scarf-6Madama Bourthoumieux chose the hands of an Indian bride as the focus of her carre.

In the Indian tradition, extensive and intricate henna patterns are drawn on the bride’s hands and feet before her wedding for the Mehndi (henna) Night.  During this night she, together with her family, relatives and friends, celebrates her upcoming wedding with games, song and dance.

Le Chants du Henne HERMES Silk Scarf-7

According to tradition, the bride is excused from any household chores as long as the henna stays on. (lucky girl :-)…)

Le Chants du Henne HERMES Silk Scarf-4Enjoy this fabulous carre in warm henna hues of orange, yellow and red.

Perfect for all seasons, this carre will delight your senses and instantly transport you to faraway places. Fabulously soft silk will be a delight to tie in all your favorite ways.

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