Hermes Silk Scarf Tutankhamun Brown w/BOX Pristine

New Arrival…

Tutankhamun HERMES Silk Scarf by Vladimir Rybaltchenko was first issued in 1976. Here in delicious chocolate brown with gold and royal blue accents.  Fit for a queen!

In pristine condition – Comes with scarf BOX

HERMES Silk Scarf-9HERMES Silk Scarf-10HERMES Silk Scarf-11HERMES Silk Scarf-12 (1)HERMES Silk Scarf-13HERMES Silk Scarf-14HERMES Silk Scarf-15HERMES Silk Scarf-16HERMES Silk Scarf-17Tutankhamun HERMES Silk ScarfTutankhamun HERMES Silk Scarf-2

5 thoughts on “Hermes Silk Scarf Tutankhamun Brown w/BOX Pristine

  1. Sharon

    Please reserve brown King Tut for me. I saw the Exhibition of the treasures at New Orleans Museum of Art. We waited 8 hours in line. The SOLID GOLD sarcophagus! The little baby chair made of black ebony wood and white checkerboard ivory that looked BRAND NEW! The ornate GOLD CEREMONIAL JEWELRY. I saw the exhibit twice, once with my brother, an a******. He tried to touch something and almost got us thrown out. (I slugged him) The textile items looked untouched by TIME. The crowds were CRUSHING. You had to push your way through people. It was SO worth it. Sharon

    1. Dear Sharon,
      I am soooo sorry, someone reserved it right after I listed it. I think, I might be getting another one in, not sure what colors or condition, although I suspect it will be also in excellent shape. Would you consider any other colors?
      The exhibit sounds fantastic.
      Again, very sorry. Please let me know how I can make this up to you. 🙂
      I should know for sure in a day or so and of course it is yours should she pass on it.

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