Ginza 2001 Special Limited Edition HERMES Scarf

Ginza 2001 HERMES Silk Scarf Special Edition Very RAREVery excited about this gem of a scarf, the Limited Special Edition, Ginza 2001.

Designed by Japanese artist Hajine Katagiri and it was issued in 2001 to mark the opening of Hermès headquarters in Japan.

Hermès headquarters are housed in a 12 story tower, which is located in the busy center of the Japanese capital in the commercial district of Ginza.

Inspired by a Japanese lantern, architect, Renzo Piano, enveloped the entire tower in glass block. At night the entire building is aglow from within, creating a spectacular sight indeed!

The tower houses a design workshop, museum, offices a rooftop garden and the boutique alone takes up all of six floors.

In 2006, I believe, a second tower was added perfectly mirroring the original structure.

Do not miss out on the Special Limited Edition Ginza 2001 CarreGinza 2001 HERMES Silk Scarf Special Edition Very RARE-7

A second Limited Edition carre, the 24 Faubourg Seconde Ginza 5-4-1, was issued to mark the ten year anniversary of the Hermes Glass Tower in Tokyo. More can be found in this post here.

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