We have a NEW Look

In our constant effort to make Your shopping experience, more efficient and more enjoyable, we have streamlined the Look of our eStore.

We are also in the process of adding additional search functions so that you will easily be able to not only search by the artist and color, but also by theme and material.

Did you know…

  • that by hovering your mouse over a photo, the photo gets magnified.  This enables you to see details that otherwise might escape you
  • the “quick view” function allows you to check out an item, well, quickly 🙂 and without losing your place during a search

Thank you for Your continued patronage!

2 thoughts on “We have a NEW Look

  1. Sharon C Miller

    Hi Ladi, With my stone-age network, I have to wait about EIGHT SECONDS for the hover feature to enlarge. But when it kicks in…WOW. It’s so nice to get a VERY up close look at the scarves on THIS website. It’s easy to make a decision, because you can see CLEARLY any pulled threads, etc. to see if you can live with it BEFORE purchasing. You give all the power to the BUYER, unlike some websites where you never see the whole scarf, or ever a magnified view. You are a great communicator, both visually, and in print, by giving us the backstory to these remarkable works of art. yours, Sharon

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