The underrated & unappreciated Ciels Byzantins HERMES carre

Now available at Carre de Paris

Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_
Ciels Byzantins HERMES silk scarf was designed by Julia Abadie and issued in 1997. 

Now a lot of HERMES scarves receive accolades, some are called “rare”, “sought after”, “collector” and some are even referred to as GRAIL.  But what about Julia Abadie’s Ciels Byzantins? Has it been overlooked by most, including yours truly here?

Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_-12

I do have to confess,  that I have been until now, pretty much “unimpressed” with the Ciels Byzantins.  I have always thought the two peacocks were way too small to take center stage, and yes, there are the half circles and squares, a geometric composition, which I am typically drawn to did absolutely nothing for me.  Certainly nothing like the Monnaies et Symboles des Parisii!

And did I mention it is a jacquard scarf? Even that did not make it register on my HERMES Richter scale.

But boy, was I wrong!

Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_-14

The colors for one, are spectacular.  The bold gold against the Mediterranean blue is simply out of this world.  The patterns? Fabulous! Just like walking across the ancient tile floors I now remember admiring in Malta.

Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_-7Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_-6Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_-5Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_-4

The jacquard silk with its prancing peacocks? Simply luxurious.

Ciels Byzantins Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf_-15


What a truly gorgeous scarf; underrated and unappreciated? I say, “NO MORE!!!”




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