I am very excited

to hopefully have found the RIGHT cleaner for my beloved scarves. I have always as a rule relied on a recommendation from the local Hermes boutique, and while traveling a real lifesaver at times. But after relocating to Southern California that recommendation has eluded me.

Well, no more. After my visit to the boutique yesterday, I came away with a solid endorsement.

Today, I bravely handed over 6 of my personal scarves to a nice lady behind a counter…

I am to expect a call from the “boss” himself to give me the prognosis on Monday.

Holding my breath until then.

If this cleaner is as good as I have been told, then I will be the first one to sing their praises here.

Until then; A fabulous weekend to you all.

I will be a busy bee listing some gorgeous scarves this coming week.

Bonne journée

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