SALZBURG, the city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and 2 gorgeous HERMES scarves

Correction 11/29/2023

Brought to me by a reader:

Thank you very much for bringing to my attention that it is not the Danube, but the river Salzach, that my daughter and I traversed on our visit to Salzburg. 

Salzach is a tributary to the Inn, which eventually joins the Danube, Europe’s second-longest river after the Volga in Russia.

Accuracy of my posts is very important to me, so feedback such as this is very welcomed and appreciated!

Danke schön!

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February 8, 2018 7:05 pm

I threatened to write about Salzburg a while back, so here it is…

Loic Dubigeon’s Salzburg is a gorgeous composition, a beautiful scarf celebrating Salzburg, the city on the Salzach (not Danube), and its son, one of the greatest composers to ever live, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg.jpg
Salzburg Hermes scarf By Loic Dubigeon was first issued 1996 – SOLD
Salzburg HERMES, Loic Dubigeon, 1996
Salzburg HERMES here as a Opera Scarf the predecessor to today’s’ Maxi Twilly
Salzburg Austria
Salzburg Austria, Mozart’s birthplace

That same year, 1996, Hermes also issued Hommage a Mozart, coincidence? I think not…

Hommage a Mozart HERMES Silk Scarf
Hommage a Mozart HERMES Silk Scarf, Julia Abadie, 1996 – SOLD

Every year Hermes has a theme and as you may have guessed, 1996 was dedicated to Music.  The same year Zoe Pauwels gave us La Musique des Spheres.

La Musique Des Spheres HERMES Silk Carre 90 cm
La Musique Des Sphères HERMES Silk Carre by Zoe Pauwels (1996) – SOLD

and Madama Claudia Stuhlhofer Mayr Musique des Dieux.

Musique des Dieux HERMES Reversible Muffler_-2.jpg

There was one more carre celebrating music that same year and you may have guessed already … New Orleans Creole Jazz also by Loic Dubigeon.

But back to Salzburg…

There is something in Dubigeon’s style that just captures my imagination. At first glance I am instantly transported thousands of miles and find myself dreamily wandering the streets and alleys of Mozart’s lovely city until I find myself at 9 Getreidegasse in front of the Maestro’s birthplace…

Salzburg HERMES Loic Dubigeon 1996, detail
Salzburg HERMES Loic Dubigeon 1996, detail
Mozarts Geburtshaus, Salzburg
9 Getreidegasse, Salzburg where Mozart was born on January 27, 1756

With a Mozart Kugel (chocolate truffle-like candy) in hand, my daughter and I walk silently into the Maestro’s childhood home,  a museum today…

One can spend hours here, of course, as my daughter and I did a couple of years ago.  But at last we tear ourselves away, walk across the Salzach (not the Danube), take more photos and settle down at the famous Hotel Sacher, to have a cup of tea and a slice of heaven.  Have I just admitted to loving chocolate?

Sachertorte photo courtesy Hotel Sacher
Sachertorte photo courtesy Hotel Sacher

Whether you are a fan of Mozart or not, the two scarves that have been issued in his honor tell a beautiful story. Rich in detail they are more works of art than a simple accessory.

Hommage a Mozart HERMES, Julia Abadie 1996
Hommage a Mozart HERMES, Julia Abadie 1996 – SOLD
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg-3
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg-4
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg-5
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg-7
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg-8
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg-10
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg-11
Hermes Silk Scarf Salzburg by Loic Dubigeon Unworn Blue Colorway – SOLD
Salzburg Hermes scarf abounds with details that are both stunning and a grand display of Loic Dubigoen’s mastery as an artist.  
His lifelike details bring Salzburg, Mozart’s (1756-1791) birthplace, beautifully to life.  
His gorgeous scarf was first issued in 1996 
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