Hermes Silk Scarf 2000 L’Annee des Nouveaux Jours – Special Issue

Special Edition 2000 L'Annee des Nouveaux Jours Hermes Silk Scarf Nuba Mountain-4Oh how simple!

Devoid of intricate lines, patterns and color, this atypical Hermes scarf,  the 2000 L’Annee des Nouveaux Jours, is perhaps therefore even more wonderfully effective!

In 2000 to ring in the New Year and a New Century, Hermes commissioned Jean-Jacques Sempé; a famous French cartoonist, who goes simply by Sempé.

Like his name, his scarf too, is one of simplicity…

Sempé’s full color drawing title Premiers Pas Dans, “First Steps into…”, shows a little boy pulling a toy horse with wheels on a beach.  On the scarf, however, it appropriately takes center stage in the form of a rather small cartoon.   Of course, this is not just any little boy, it is “Le petit Nicolas” (Little Nicholas), a famous French cartoon and children’s book character and as of 2009, a famous movie star.

Hermes used the full color drawing on at least one other item, a small porcelain coin tray that same year.

The character of Le Petit Nicolas first appeared in 1954 in Sempé’s cartoons and together with René Goscinny, a writer and comic editor, this comic strip evolved into a series of popular children’s books.  Somewhat unusual for their time, the books were written from a child’s perspective unmuddled by adult perceptions.

Perhaps we should follow little Nicholas’s example and step into each day with a child’s curiosity, open mindness and clarity.

Enjoy little Nicolas as he pulls his toy horse across this carre and into our hearts.

Special Edition 2000 L'Annee des Nouveaux Jours Hermes Silk Scarf Nuba Mountain-2


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