1821 Hermès Silk Scarf

1821 Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-15.jpg

Just finished taking photos of the 1821 carre by Julia Abadie from the 1985/86 collection when I decided to write this quick post.

I have no idea how this carre went from being called 1821 by Hermes to “1821 – Hommage a l’Amitié Franco-Hellénique” on the net?

It is true that France and Greece have had a long lasting l’Amitié or friendship.  The two countries go back as far as pre-Roman times. Greece had supporters in France while it fought for its independence from the Ottoman rule and consequently, on March 25, 1821, Greece signed its Declaration of Independence.  It would not surprise me if the gentleman wielding his sword in the center of Madame Abadie’s carre, was none other than Charles Nicolas Fabvier.  As a French politician and Napoleonic general, Fabvier played an important role not just in Greece gaining French support in its war for independence, but also in maintaining its newly acquired independence.  Fabvier a skilled soldier is credited for establishing the Greek regular Army.

Well, no matter what name we give it, the 1821 carre is not just the perfect scarf for the history buff, but for anyone, who loves a scarf that POPS.

Make a bold statement with our latest addition, the 1821 HERMÈS carré

1821 Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-81821 Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-6

1821 Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-14

1821 Hermes Silk Scarf RARE-13
1821 Hermès Silk Scarf “1821 – Hommage a l’Amitié Franco-Hellénique” by Julia Abadie 1985/86

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