that just steals your heart!

This Turbans des Reines Hermes Silk Scarf certainly did it for me.

Turbans des Reines Hermes Silk Scarf_-3.jpg

None of the previous Turbans des Reines scarves have had quite the same effect on me as this one.

As soon as I began draping “her” on my mannequin, Lucy, (named by my dear friend’s 85 year young Mum), I knew this Turbans des Reinas was somehow different, special!

Turbans des Reines Hermes Silk Scarf_

Perhaps it was the ease with which she almost draped herself around Lucy’s neck.

Or perhaps the stark contrast between the cream background making her exotic skin glow.

Turbans des Reines Hermes Silk Scarf_-4

With her back to us, I doubt she is aware of anyone’s presence.  Her casual pose seems to confirm that. In her own realm, she is surrounded only by palm fronds and cotton blossoms that radiate from her like sun rays.

The Turbans of the Queen carre was part of the 1997 Year of Africa.  Other scarves from that same year are Au Son Du Tam-Tam carré

Hermes Silk Scarf Au Son Du Tam-Tam
designed by Laurence “Toutsy” Bourthoumieux. 
L’Or des Chefs by Joachim Metz
Perles du Kenya
and of course Perles du Kenya by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

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