Mors et Gourmettes Silk Jacquard Scarf and its reinvention

Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Mors et Gourmettes RARE

I must admit, there are scarves that make me feel all tingly at first sight.

Well, the Mors et Gourmettes is one of those scarves!

Henri d’Origny designed this striking carre and HERMÈS brought it first to market in 1961.

Perhaps it is this juxtaposition of industrial meets beautiful that seems so captivating.  I can almost feel the coolness of the metal as my fingers run across the various bits and chains making them clink in the process.

Henri d’Origny’s meticulous attention to detail is showcased in his collection of German and Italian Renaissance bits and curb chains.  Delicate, simple, yet bold they sparkle like suspended jewelry against the luxuriousness and shine of the forest green jacquard silk.

Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Mors et Gourmettes RARE-9

Since its first issue, this spectacular design has been re-issued numerous times once as a spectacular shawl, but this year as the “re-engineered” Mors et Gourmettes Vichy scarf.

Same spectacular design, but a completely different look!

Or the Mors Et Gourmettes Remix version from 2013/2014

Mors Et Gourmettes Remix Hermes Silk Scarf NIB-4.jpg
Mors Et Gourmettes Remix – SOLD

A quote from the Hermès website:

“…creating new compositions based on familiar harmonies. Borrowed from the world  of music, it describes the ability to adapt or reinterpret an existing theme, giving it a second life. Henri d’Origny has taken the concept to heart, reorchestrating his original score, and reinterpreting his classic creation for future audiences.” (Mors et Gourmettes Vichy © Hermès 2018. All rights reserved.)

Hermes Silk Jacquard Scarf Mors et Gourmettes RARE-8
No matter which version you prefer, the Mors et Gourmettes will always be a Classic! SOLD

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