L’Ecole Espagnole de Vienne Hermes Carre

L’Ecole Espagnole de Vienne, or the Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the subject matter of this Philippe Ledoux scarf.  The issue date is unknown, but based on the “c” copyright incorporated into the scroll to the right off Hermes, I would say it is most likely from the 1960s.Hermes Silk Scarf L'Ecole Espagnole de Vienne

This traditional winter riding school is rich in both tradition and history.  Founded four centuries ago by the Hapsburg Monarchy, the school was and still is the center for classic dressage dedicated to white Lipizzan horses only.

Hermes Silk Scarf L'Ecole Espagnole de Vienne-6

In 1729 Emperor Charles VI moved the school into the Hofburg and commissioned its beautiful White Riding Hall. Today the school has become a tourist attraction where the public can watch the white stallions train and perform.

Hermes Silk Scarf L'Ecole Espagnole de Vienne-2

Although the school did not ban women from attendance, it was not until 2008 that two young women, one British and one Austrian, were admitted to this esteemed riding school.

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