Nikko Hermes Scarf by Vladimir Rybaltchenko

The Nikko Hermes carre is a gorgeous scarf by popular Hermes artist, Vladimir Rybaltchenko (AKA Rybal) and the father of Dimitri Rybaltchenko, who himself is an accomplished artist and an Hermes contributor.

Hermes Silk Scarf Nikko

Vladimir Rybaltchenko has, like his great uncle, Philippe Ledoux, created a number of iconic carres for the Maison Hermes.

His Nikko scarf along with Francoise Faconnet’s Daimyo and Caty Latham’s Reverie Japonaises paid tribute to the culture of Japan in 1992.

The Nikko carre took its inspiration from the ceiling of the Japanese Shin’yosha temple located in Nikko, Japan.

At the center of the scarf are three Tennyo Heavenly Maidens. The Tennyo Maidens can be found in Japanese Buddhism.  They are spiritual beings, primarily female and similar to western angels or nymphs.

Hermes Silk Scarf Nikko-2

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According to Hermes, “these delightful creatures are grace incarnate….Let us pause then, and savour the ecstacy of this ethereal realm” (excerpt from Hermes scarf booklet 1991/1992)

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This fabulous carre is SOLD

Nikko by Rybal from 1991/1995

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