Hermes Silk Scarf Chevaux de France NIB-4.jpgThere are so many Hermes scarves, that immediately make me reach for my checkbook, or Zell (to stay current with the times), but then there are those, where I think, “Hmmm, not sure, well, definitely not for me!!!!”  Although most of my purchases for my store are selfishly driven, in that, I purchase scarves that I like or I know one of my many dear clients, will like, I sometimes am forced to think out of the box.

Case in point the Chevaux de France, which came to me as part of a larger acquisition.  So when “she” arrived, I left her in her box, always taking other scarves first, moving her to the bottom of the stack.

Hermes Silk Scarf Chevaux de France NIB-9

Was it the busyness of the needlepoint or was it the needlepoint itself?

How many needlepoint projects did I start, but never finished?  Somehow, I did manage to learn how to knit and crochet, but that only because my Oma had the patience of a saint!!!

Now that I have spent some time with the Chevaux de France, draping her over my ever-so-compliant mannequin, Lucy; taking numerous photographs and finally listing her for sale, I realized how wrong my initial reaction was!

I simply adore her!

Hermes Silk Scarf Chevaux de France NIB-5

This Chevaux de France is a true gem of a scarf and in this particular colorway, super easy to coordinate with so many colors! Be it black, brown, navy or the entire grey and purple spectrum!

The silk is divine too! Draping beautifully. And it is because of its masterful design, the  Chevaux de France can be tied an infinite number of ways, making it in my opinion one of the most versatile scarves, ever.

Hermes Silk Scarf Chevaux de France NIB-3Hermes Silk Scarf Chevaux de France NIB-2

Hermes Silk Scarf Chevaux de France NIB
I limited my tying option due to the fact that this scarf is available for purchase.  My personal favorite, an Eperon D’Or in neutral colors can be seen here in an earlier post

As much as I love many of the bold and colorful designs, that make an immediate statement, I do value the flexibility of a carre, that I can wear with most things in my closet.  And being perhaps somewhat less “memorable”, allows me to wear the same scarf more often changing the look by how I tie it.

This kind of flexibility makes it an invaluable accessory, especially when traveling.

Bon Voyage and don’t forget your Chevaux de France

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