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Our neighbors had a small octagonal gazebo, the kind you find in old European gardens tucked underneath a tree at the end of a winding path…

It was painted white and made of wood. I remember the intricate scrolls that came down from its green roof. The windows that swung out allowed cool summer breezes to pass through as the four of us re-enacted every fairytale known to us.

With summer passing our castle became the winter home to all the potted plants our grandmamas tried to protect from winter frosts.

I cannot honestly say, which memories I am more fond of, the lazy afternoons playing Snow White or the winter garden our castle transformed into every October.

So it is no wonder that when Hermes introduced Annie Faivre’s Jardins d’Hiver carre in 2007, it was love at first sight.

Jardins d'Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf from 2007
Jardins d’Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf from 2007

The caledon green is in my opinion the best colorway for this design, albeit not the right one for me. I have held onto this scarf much longer than I should have and it is time for someone else to enjoy it and yes, wear it 🙂

So without any further ado, I present to you Jardins d’Hiver…

Jardins d'Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf NIB-8

Jardins d'Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf NIB-11

Jardins d'Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf NIB-9Jardins d'Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf NIB-7Jardins d'Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf NIB-5Jardins d'Hiver Hermes Silk Scarf NIB-2

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