Memoire d’Hermes

In Memory of Hermes…
Memoire d’Hermes by Caty Latham from 1992

Memoire d’Hermes carre is a lovely collage of items we all are familiar with, like the same little purse from the Les Cles carre…

At the center of the Les Cles carre, is an eighteenth-century velvet and gold purse surrounded by keys – the same type can be spotted in the Memoire d’Hermes scarf

Same is true for the stirrup, that reminds us of the Etriers carré by Françoise De La Perrière (1964).

Etriers Detail
Close up of the wonderful Etriers carre
Close up of the Memoire d’Hermes carre – AVAILABLE

This fabulous carre is perfect for all Hermes lovers, as it pays homage to its founder, Thierry Hermès, who is seated at the center of Madame Latham’s design. Born in 1801 in Krefeld, Germany, young Thierry moved to France in 1821 after he lost his entire family to war and disease. At 36 he founded, Hermès, as a horse harness company. Over the decades, Hermes has evolved into a luxury Fashion House, that specializes in leather, purses, ready-to-wear, home furnishings, perfumes, jewellery, watches, accessories, and of course, scarves.

Memoire d’Hermes is just like its name suggests, a beautiful collection of objects d’art that remind us of all the wonderful things that are Hermes…


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