What’s in a name?

MARINE NAÏVE HERMES Scarf is a rare carre with an interesting inspiration.

Marine Naive is also sometimes (wrongly) called Marine Naive – Henry F. Smith Sailor Scarf or 1880 Henry F. Smith Sailor even referred to as “untitled”

The Marine Naїve Hermes silk scarf is a rare carre designed by Philippe Dumas and issued as part of the Fall/Winter 1992/1993 Collection.

This carre depicts sailing ships and has at its center a crest with the “title” Henry F. Smith Sailor, 1880. But that is neither the title of this scarf, nor its subject matter.

So what is this scarf actually about? Embroidery!

In the 1992/1993 Le Carre edition, HERMES poses the rhetorical question whether a sailor, who confronts terrible elements, the ocean, can retain his youthful naivety? And the answer is YES!

rough seamen who made a living on sailing ships spent their leisure time doing a young girls work: they embroidered

Philippe Dumas emulates embroidery in his design and brings us a scarf that is both rare and unusual as well as beautiful.

And who is Henry F. Smith Sailor, you ask? The embroiderer, of course.

Philippe Dumas interestingly, also created the Chevaux de Francaise (SOLD) carre, that too, resembles embroidery, this time, the cross stich…



Marine Naive* Hermes silk twill scarf (100% silk) - Rare Original Issue Designed by Philippe Dumas in 1992 and part of the Autumn/Winter 1992/1993 Excellent Condition - minor pulled thread Measures 36" x 36" Signed Early Copyright Hand Rolled Hem Made in France Khaki Green/Brown/Cream This carre is also known as Marine Naive - Henry F. Smith


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