This lovely and quite rare HERMES scarf was designed by Françoise de la Perriere and issued in 1960.

Named after one of France’s twenty-two regions, Françoise de la Perrière celebrates this historically unique region in her Hermes Alsace carre . Nestled along the Rhine, Alsace has a rich history and borders Germany to the east. The Romans invaded, settled and established this region by 58 BC as a center of viticulture. This is still the case especially for the Colmar area to this day, where grapes such as Riesling and Gewürztraminer thrive. Throughout history this region between the Vosges Mountains and the river Rhine bounced back and forth between German and French rule making it unique in its language, customs and laws alike. After WWII Alsace officially became part of France.

Its four largest cities, Colmar, Mulhouse, Saverne and finally the world famous Strasbourg are represented here and fly their flags proudly in each of the four corners of this design.

With a population of over one hundred thousand, Mulhouse is the largest city in the Haut-Rhin département, and the second largest in Alsace after Strasbourg.

(photo courtesy

Strasbourg, is both the capital of the Bas-Rhinand and the largest city of the Grand Est Region of France.

One of the many charming shops along both sides of the Ill river that runs through the heart of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a beautiful city with a rich historic center, many quaint shops, hotels and restaurants that serve the world famous charcuterie.

Strasbourg is also the official seat of the European Parliament.

Notre Dame – Strasbourg

The cities of Colmar and Saverne are represented in the other two corners.

Saverne has a history dating back to Roman times when it was called Three Taverns (Tres Tabernae Cesaris) as it marked the beginning of a steep incline and was the perfect resting place before such a strenuous endeavor.

Colmar as the driest city in France has the ideal environment for growing the aforementioned Gewürztraminer and Riesling wines. With one of the best preserved centers, Colmar is not just the capital of the Alsatian wine region but a favorite tourist destination.

Colmar also known as the La Petite Venise has a wonderful mixture of early renaissance and half timbered medieval buildings. (photo courtesy
Center of the Alsace Hermes Carre

Surrounded by locals in their traditional costumes are two storks, which due to preservation efforts can once again be found abundantly throughout the region’s marshlands.

Symbolically, however, the storks represent the oppressed Alsace longing to return to the bosom of France just like a stork returns year after year to the same nesting place.

The Alsace HERMES scarf is a rare vintage carre that is as special as the region it represents.

Alsace Hermes carre – SOLD

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