The Cavalcadour Hermes scarf is a gorgeous and intricate display of various horse paraphernalia. Skilfully conceived and executed by Henri d’Origny, the Cavalcadour was introduced in 1981. Reissued and reinvented, this classic and timeless design can be spotted as a twilly, a kelly and of course, a carre.

Cavalcadour Hermes Silk Scarf was designed by Henri d’Origny in 1981

A Cavalcadour, a position typically held by a male, is in charge of caring for the horses and stables of a prince or a king. Cavalcadour’s duties will include preparing royal horses for any displays of pageantry, making sure that harnesses, bridles, stirrups, reins, bits and such are ready at any given moment.

It is then no surprise that the Hermes Cavalcadour carre is a glorious display of such various horse tack. Masterfully displayed and at the ready, worthy of a king (or a queen that is)…


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