If you love horses, you will undoubtedly love the Panache & Fantaisie carre, which was designed by the talented Hugo Grygkar and issued for the first time in 1958/1959.

PANACHE & FANTAISIE by Hugo Grygkar, the Father of the Hermes Carre. (1958)

Hugo Grygkar not only designed the very first carré for Hermès, but he also became Hermès’ most prolific artist. You can read more about the life of this artist and his profound influence on the Hermes carre on my blog by following this link.

Like so many of the early carres, the Panache & Fantaisie showcases horses, a favorite theme, that reflects the Parisian Fashion House’s origins as a harness and saddle maker.

This beautifully detailed composition of show horses with various plumes is worthy of framing.

Without further ado, enjoy close ups of this iconic and highly sought after carre…

Like so many other Hermes scarves, the Panache & Fantaisie took its inspiration from an artifact, a harness with a sleigh bell, which is now part of the Emile-Maurice Hermes collection (photo courtesy Mitto e Belezza, Electa)
The Panache et Fantaisie was part of the Mito e Bellezza Exhibition in Italy
Panache & Fantaisie HERMES, 1959
Panache & Fantaisie HERMES, 1958/1959 – SOLD

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