The perhaps lesser known Fleurs et Carlines Hermes carre celebrates a common weed, the Carline thistle.

Carlina vulgaris or the Carlina Thistle that inspired a stunning Hermes carre
Photo Courtesy Wikipedia Commons (Harald Süpfle / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)
Fleurs et Carlines Hermes silk scarf (100% silk) –  RARE Vintage

Who would have thought a Carline thistle could look this good!

This particular thistle, the Carlina, is a flowering plant in the aster family and native to Europe, northern Africa and Asia all the way to Siberia. The plant including its roots is believed to have healing properties which include relieving gastrointestinal issues, stimulating bile flow and cleansing the liver of fatty deposits. Swedish Bitters, which uses the root extract of the plant, has been used for centuries as a gastrointestinal tonic. The plant has also been valued for its antibacterial qualities.

In Vladimir Rybaltchenko’s design the Carline thistle takes center stage as she rises regally above a canopy of wild daisies.

With the Fleurs et Carlines around your neck you can savor the upcoming change of seasons. Enveloped by cheery spring colors even the gloomiest of early spring days will feel sunnier and brighter.

The Carline thistle takes center stage in the Fleurs et Carlines Hermes scarf from 1985

Designed by Vladimir Rybaltchenko (1939 – 2002), who signed his famous designs simply as RYBAL, was the great-nephew of Philippe Ledoux and father of Dimitri Rybaltchenko; All renowned Hermes artists, who have created some of the most memorable designs for the Parisian Fashion House.

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