The Hunt by Philippe Ledoux

Every so often a scarf comes along that is absolutely exquisite, both in story telling and execution.

The Hunt Hermès carré by Philippe Ledoux from 1963

Philippe Ledox’s Hermès carrés are loved and collected around the world, The Hunt, perhaps one of his more elusive carrés from the early 1960s, takes us on a ride through the English countryside. Four vignettes capture moments from a fox hunt, the famous Berkeley Fox Hunt to be exact. Putting my personal thoughts and opinions on hunting aside, I delight in Ledoux‘s ability to emulate an engraving and marvel how Hermès was able to reproduce so much detail on a piece of silk some fifty years ago – simply marvelous, in deed!

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We follow Monsieur Ledoux as he takes us on a hunt through the rolling hills of the English countryside.

An engraving by B. Marshall from 1810 inspired this particular vignette. not just in composition but also execution. Philippe Ledoux’s entire composition mirrors a finely executed engraving worthy of framing.

Is that Thomas Oldaker and his trusted Brush? By George, it is!

Mister Thomas Oldaker was a famous huntsman, who was known to use the Berkeley Hounds named after the Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, home of the Berkeley Hunt. The Berkeley Hound pack is one of the best in the world and is England’s oldest, dating back to the 12th century.

In this vignette George III returns from the hunt with Berkeley Castle in the distance
Le cavalier démonté? Did the rider dismount or was he dismantled? 🙂
With the activities behind them, both rider, horse and hound can rest and enjoy refreshments and libations…
And so the story of the Hunt, the Berkeley Hunt is masterfully retold.
The Hunt Hermes Scarf by Philippe Ledoux - Inspiration by Carre de Paris
The Hunt Hermes Scarf
Early Vintage
Designed by Philippe Ledoux in 1963

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