Le Jardin De Leila HERMÈS© SCARf – 2014

Le Jardin De Leila HERMÈS© carre by François Houtin 2014 (S05 Blanc/Noir/Anthracite – personal collection)

I have always loved gardens. Manicured or wild, makes no difference to me.

Since I can remember gardens have played a big role in my growing up and to this day, there is nothing better than putzing around the garden with dirt under my nails.

My aunt had the most spectacular garden of them all. Only occasionally would I be invited in, the small picket fence gate closing softly behind me and ahead of me a world so beautiful my young heart could barely fathom.

Bleeding Heart, photo courtesy Gardener’s path

Gravel crunching under my feet, Bleeding Hearts and Columbines nodded at me from both sides.

So of course when I saw François Houtin‘s “garden”, I could not resist.

If you share my love of gardens, then allow me to share Houtin’s artistry without further ado.

Le Jardin De Leila HERMÈS© carre by François Houtin 2014 – in honor of Leila Mencharipersonal collection

I will end with a video that coincidentally, a dear friend shared with me just earlier today, Untermyer Gardens: Inspiration, History and Restoration.

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