Musee Schlumpf (Teuf-Teuf) Hermes Scarf by Philippe Ledoux – Limited Edition & Special Issue

This is a limited edition carre, specially designed by Hermes for the Opening of the Schlumpf Automobile Museum, the Musée National de l’Automobile de Mulhouse, France in 1971.

Only 1,475 scarves in eleven colorways were ordered by Fritz Schlumpf one of two brothers, who were Swiss textile industrialists and collectors of automobiles.

At an international tradeshow in the late 1960s Robert Dumas, the then head of Hermès, intrigued by the carved buttons on Fritz Schlumpf’s waistcoat, approached the fabric manufacturer.

Fritz Schlumpf was an avid admirer of Hermès and both men shared a passion for cars, and so a great friendship grew quickly. The two men decided to create a Carré Hermès in honor of the opening of the Schlumpf automobile museum that was under construction in Mulhouse and nearing completion.

The talented Philippe Ledoux, already well known and responsible for numerous Hermes designs, was put in charge of designing this special carre.

1906 SAGE Biplace Coup,
Photo courtesy Cité de l’Automobile

After a number of minor revisions Fritz’s favorite car, a 1906 SAGE took center stage surrounded by various auto parts. Transmission chains, clutch gears but also his wife Arlette, daughter, Martine and Fritz himself were forever immortalized.

Here Fritz and Arlette, his wife are getting ready for a drive
Fritz Schlumpf is at the wheel and Martine, Arlette’s daughter, has joined him for a ride with a scarf tied as a traditional Elsatian headdress.

Below is the Schlumpf coat of arms

Fritz gave his approval to Hermès in January 1971 and placed an order for 1,475 carres in eleven colors, ranging from black and gold, to brown, khaki and even powder blue/navy version.

The entire production was reserved for Fritz Schlumpf to give to guests at the Grand Opening of his Museum.

A truly rare and unique find.


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