The Grande Tenue, In Full Dress, as it were, does not refer to a stylish blazer and a pleaded skirt, but rather the broadcloth covers or stable blankets, here neatly held together by leather straps and decorated with emblems and monograms identifying the owners and their stables. Thanks to Émile Hermès, the Parisian Fashion House, boasts quite a large collection of these emblems. Several of which are represented on this iconic Hermès design from 1985 by Henri d’Origny (re-issued due to its popularity numerous times).

Grande Tenue Hermes scarf was designed by Henri d’Origny in 1985 and reissued numerous times since

Napoleon III is represented opposite a lion emerging from a crown in the upper right corner. Other emblems are of a Romanian prince, a maharaja as well as one of a viscount, represented by a more graphic design on the upper left broadcloth.

At the center of course the monogram of the curator and collector himself, Émile Hermès, whose passion for collecting has inspired numerous scarf designs, among them for example, the Ecuries, Presentation de Chevaux and the Carrick a Pompe (links are provided for further reading).

The Grande Tenue makes up for what it lacks in rarity meter by its popularity. This is a design available in a wide range of colorways ranging from bold and vibrant to classic and elegant. Hence making it one of the most loved and recognized of Hermes designs.

Grande Tenue Hermes Carre – SOLD

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