Gibiers Hermes carre by Henri de Linares

The highly sought-after Gibiers Hermès scarf has at times been also called A d’Oiseaux et de Lievres.

Gibiers Hermes carre by Henri de Linares (1966) – here a 1997 re-issue – SOLD

Whether you prefer the official Gibiers, Game, or the unofficial With Birds and Hares its creator, Henry de Linares, gave us a scarf that despite its subject matter, has become a GRAIL, in other words, a highly coveted design.

Close up of Gibiers Hermes carre by Henri de Linares (1966 – here a 1997/1998 re-issue without the border) – SOLD

Perhaps it is the detail with which the artist captures the bounty after a hunt; or perhaps his skillfully layered composition that creates such a gorgeous and timeless accessory. Born in 1904, Henri de Linares was a prolific French artist, whose primary focus were detailed studies of hunting trophies.

Henri de Linares, French artist and the creator of numerous Hermes scarves (1904-1987)

I have written about the artist and what is probably my personal favorite of his, the Le Retour du Chasseur (or Lapins Morts).

Henri de LINARES (1904-1987) Bécassines (photo courtesy

His still life drawings, lifelike (the irony not withstanding), filled with such incredible detail, are reminiscent of paintings of the early 17th century Northern Renaissance artists. But luckily for us, we do not have to spend thousands to have one of those, we have the beautiful Gibiers Hermes carre, which is not just the ideal accessory but can easily double as a gorgeous wall display.

Gibiers Hermes Scarf by Henri de Linares 90cm Silk Twill w/BOX – SOLD
Early Issue Gibiers Hermès carre – SOLD
Early Issue Gibiers Hermès carre – SOLD
Gibiers Hermès carre – SOLD

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