The Art des Steppes Hermès Carré by Annie Faivre

Over the years Annie Faivre has created numerous scarves for Hermès and all are as unique as they are popular.

Her art is quickly identifiable with its rather unique and very detailed style, many times comprised of vivid color combinations and intricate patterns all enhancing her already rather complex compositions.

Her 1991 Art des Steppes (The Art of the Steppe) is no exception and features the horses of the Steppe; the vast area of flat, unforested grasslands of southeastern Europe and Siberia. Due to Madame Faivre‘s acclaim and to this design’s worldwide popularity, Hermès re-issued the Art des Steppes six years later as a “detail” version, Art des Steppes (détail), and the full design again in 2001.

The horses of the Steppe according to recent archeological findings, were first domesticated by peoples from the Eurasian Steppe about 5,000 years ago. The important role the Steppe horse and rider played in the cultural exchange on the Silk Road should also be mentioned here.

According to Hermès’, Annie Faivre does not cover her Steppe horses with just any horse blanket but with Chinese carpets adding a rich and colorful layer to her already elaborate design.

Enjoy detailed photos of Faivre‘s dramatic and beautiful scarf, her very popular Art des Steppes

Art des Steppes – Sold

Art des Steppes Hermes Scarf by Annie Faivre (1991) – AVAILABLE

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